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About Equipment
  • Hardware
    • Mackie SA-1521 Active Sound RSS
    • Mackie SR-1531 Active Sound RSS
    • Mackie SA-1801 Active Sound RSS
    • Numark CDN-88 CD Player
    • Sennheiser MIC-Wireless
    • Sennheiser MIC- Wired
    • BBE 882I S/M Signal Process Device
    • Monster Cabling for Connectivity
    • Standard Case/Rack
    • Duracell AA Extra for Mic ready operation

  • Software
    • Numark CDN-88 software applied as required

  • Wardrobe
    • Professionally worn to meet specification of event.

About DeeJay Nate D Skate

My real first name:
My Deejay Name:
DJ Nate D. Skate
DJ Name’s Origin:
Ronald Long /
Raymond E. Bullock
Birth Month:
Birth Hospital:
Columbia Hospital for Women
Retired Information Technology Specialist(Servers/Routers)
Oracle Database Administration
Job(s) Declined:
U.S. Marshal Service 1971,
The White House(Butler-Intern),
Mid 80's
United States Marine Corp via Draft 1969
UDC, WTI, FCC, GW Wash. Saturday College, Institute of Applied Computer Technology, DC Public School System
HS Ambition:
Athletic Scholarship/Track & Field (High Jump)
HS Favorite:
Jr. HS Favorite:
Herman Daves (Western) Track
Roberta Flack(Brown) Music
Favorite Hood(s):
West End, Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, Dupont Circle,
Capitol Hill
Favorite  Playgrounds 
Rose Park, Frances Pool, Steven's School, Ft. Stevens

Childhood Hobby:
Racing Pigeons, Poetry Writing, Model Cars, Music
First Jobs:
Coal, Ice(U-Line), Grocery(DGS), Egg, Newspaper Delivery 1955
Wildest Dream:
To Read & Play Music for Sax & Lead Guitar
Perfect Day:
With My Family
Favorite Words:
Dan Dad (Grand Dad) from Grand Sons
Favorite Movies:
Dear Hunter, Full Metal Jacket, Silverado
Favorite Plays:
Any Broadway Musical or Black
MOTOWN, What The Wine Sellers Buy, Black Theatre of Harlem, EBONY Fashion Fair/Show
Favorite Music:
Smooth Jazz, Fusion Jazz, Straight Ahead(Classic) Jazz,    R & B
Favorite Artist:
Eddie Kendrics/Falsetto
Favorite Past Time:
Playing Music for Others
Music, Clothes(Shoes-Socks)
Other Good Deejays who play for the listener/dancer and not themselves.
A room in our house with my music
God, Family, Friends, Dancers, Listeners

(202) 441-2952     |     (202) 966-3507    |     E-mail: NateDSkate@hotmail.com

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